Milistone event on the ways towards "Micropham" company modernazation

Ukrainian manufacturer «Micropharm» (Kharkiv) has launched at its facilities the new aerosol line of "Pamasol" products. The Swiss company «Pamasol» is a pioneer in developing of innovative quality standards of aerosol products for the past 50 years, from the time of the aerosol industry initiation. Already from November 2015 will start production of the first series of the updated anti-asthma medicine Salbutamol-NEO. This project became another step on the way towards the complete modernization of the Kharkov plant «Micropharm», which is the leading domestic pharmaceutical company in the production of aerosol and spray products.

The new production line for dosing and sealing of asthma aerosols includes all the advanced technologies for the production of antistatic agents: • 100% accuracy of the active substance dosing • guarantee of the product homogeneity at packing • high quality of cylinder rolling ensures the safety of integrity and high quality of medicines throughout the shelf-life • manufactured on the permitted and safe to use in production and the environment halocarbon 134a Today the Salbutamol market in Ukraine is 100% imported products, but thanks to the modernization of production and the use of modern Swiss equipment "Micropharm" plans to implement an ambitious program of import substitution in this segment of medicines. It is worth noting the European high-end components from the Italian Company V.A.R.I. (VARI LINDAL GROUP) - the leading manufacturer of metering valves for use with suspensions and solutions. VARI valves fit together with a wide range of compositions, provide a high dosing accuracy, low loss of the propellant and guaranteed drug supply throughout the shelf life of the drug. "Micropharm" is constantly looking for practical solutions for the Ukrainian consumer, using only the best achievements and experience of the European partners.